Edmonton Lofts Guide

Are you looking for a loft in Edmonton? Or you know someone who might be interested in securing one, but don't know how to find them? You’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will give you a better understanding of how you can make the best choice when making any loft selection in Edmonton

Although it's not easy to hunt for lofts that both match your taste and budget, it's very possible to find a loft that is the perfect fit for you.  Whether it’s spacious with tons of light, or you just NEED to have that one natural brick wall! Lofts are designed and properly crafted to provide their owners with maximum utility because of their respective features. While a lot of lofts have exposed features, others have multiple levels. However, two things, almost all lofts have in common are open spaces and high ceilings.

Are There Any Differences Between Traditional Apartments And Lofts?

Have you been wondering whether lofts and traditional apartments differ from each other? Well, as a matter of fact, yes, they do. Here are the differences.

  1. Traditional apartments are natural and can come in the form of a multi-bedroom apartment. Lofts, on the other hand, are not natural because they underwent some sort of transformation. That is, they became apartments after being converted from industrial buildings or warehouses.
  2. Traditional apartments come with basic amenities, while lofts do not. In fact, providing amenities in lofts can be difficult to do.

There are a  lofts in Edmonton available to make comparisons and contrast each of your possible options. Here is a list of lofts in Edmonton.

  1. Beatty Lofts
  2. Churchill Exchange
  3. 7th Street Lofts
  4. Cambridge Lofts
  5. Ellis Lofts
  6. Combogo Lofts
  7. Fifth Street Lofts
  8. Executive Lofts
  9. Galleria Lofts
  10. Excelsior Lofts
  11. Hecla Lofts
  12. Liberty On Jasper
  13. Garneau Lofts
  14. Jefferson Lofts
  15. MTrac Lofts
  16. Mcleod Building
  17. Phillips Lofts
  18. MacCoscham Lofts
  19. Morris Lofts
  20. The Ten Lofts

Price Range Of Edmonton Lofts

Lofts in Edmonton for sale come at different prices as they differ according to how spacious they are. Bigger lofts certainly cost more than smaller ones. Their prices are also determined by their varying features as well as some other characteristics.

You can find lofts from $100,000 - $200,000 if you look hard enough. There are also different other price categories, especially if you want something bigger, more features, or more space. You don’t have to look too hard to find lofts that cost over $1,000,000.

Lofts In Edmonton: Views

Edmonton is a great place to source for top-notch lofts with great features. You obviously want to get yourself a befitting loft that not only goes along with your criteria but also meets your needs, and you'll get exactly what you're looking for.

There are lofts in Edmonton for rent, and they are as great as the ones that are constantly put up for sale.

How Lofts Are Styled In Edmonton

Lofts in Edmonton have a unique style and unique features. From enough space to nice-looking interiors, you're definitely going to love them. They also have concrete floors, which, of course, are very durable. What else? The buildings also come with high ceilings, fireplaces, good storage space, sunny decks, and even millwork (custom).

Getting A Loft: Pros And Cons of Lofts in Edmonton

Before acquiring any loft, you should have certain pros and cons at the back of your mind. Knowing these things will help you have a better idea of what you are getting and how you can make effective use of your apartment for whatever purpose. Let's take a look at these pros and cons

Pros of Lofts:

  • They Have A Lot Of Space And Have High Ceilings

You're probably fed up with always trying to squeeze everything into tight and small spaces. If you want a larger space, a loft is a great option for you.

The reason is that lofts generally come with enough space for all of your belongings and gives you the chance to make extra spaces for some other activities like entertaining or for work-related purposes. Also, with the large ceilings, you can extend your storage space vertically.

Traditional apartments are usually not as spacious as lofts. So if you ever feel the need to have a bit more space without having to spend a huge sum on a traditional apartment that may not even be as spacious as a loft, lofts are where you want to be.

Lofts are so big that you can have your space and still choose to bring in friends or roommates. There's also enough room for your kids if they want to play.

  • Lofts Have Great Style

Lofts will hardly ever go out of style. The good thing is, lofts evolve with industrial and trending styles, making it very easy for you to adjust to the latest way of setting up your apartment.

If you've ever come across some stylish designs and features that some apartments have, whether physically or on TV, you can always bring that look to your loft and make it yours just the exact way you love it.

  • You Have Enough Flexibility To Make Space Anywhere And Anytime

You may be wondering why space keeps getting mentioned in this guide. Well, that's to tell you just how spacious lofts are. With lofts, you can get your arrangement methods well-defined and top-notch.

If you want to, you can draw out a map of how you want your arrangements to be made. This is advisable so you won't have your belongings misarranged. But one thing is for sure; you have a lot of space to make use of.

If you feel like you want to create partitions, you can do this by using furniture set-up. Another option is to use curtains to make boundaries.

Cons of Lofts:

While Lofts have pros, they also have cons. Here are the cons of acquiring a loft.

  • Unavailability Of Amenities

One of the major cons of owning a loft is that you are deprived of amenities. On most or all occasions, lofts won't permit you the luxury of communal space for amenities that you desire. This means that if you want to add a roof deck, a club room, a storage area, or even a fitness room, it's usually difficult.

Although it is very possible to find lofts that can allow you to have access to these amenities, it is often very expensive. Traditional apartments have the edge over lofts in this aspect.

  • Unavailability Of Traditional Storage Facilities

Yes, you have a lot of space at your disposal in a loft. But that huge space is always not traditional. In other words, you don't get some traditional luxuries like custom closets, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, or trunks.

Some people don't bother about this because they feel like they don't need all of these features. However, if you do care, you would be forced to incur more expenses.

  • Vulnerability To More Utility Bills Expenses

This is another issue of major concern. Older lofts often have the disadvantage of attracting more bills in terms of utility. Some of these expenses include you having some sections or facilities in the loft revamped.

Some old equipment types in the loft may need to be upgraded or changed entirely, including pipes, windows, and some appliances.

If you've got a particular loft you like, asking the landlord or management about the utility bills is a great idea before settling for it. You must do this, so you do not get caught in any unwanted web in any way. After you get the information, add it to the other expenses you make per month and sum it all up to see if you're still interested.

Should I Get A Loft Apartment?

Getting a loft is ideal and the most preferred option for you if your main priority is a huge space. It's also always a go-to option when you feel the need to get away from a small apartment. However, you should bear in mind that if you are interested in some amenities and want them in your apartment, you should probably not go for lofts.

Lofts won't promise you enough space for amenities like gyms, pools, and the likes. But if you do not mind about these amenities, then you should find yourself a great loft.

Where Can I Get A Great Loft Apartment In Edmonton?

There's absolutely a lot of places you can get a loft apartment in Edmonton. However, you should not just go for any option that comes your way. You have to be entirely sure that you are making the right choice and one you will not be regretting after.

While you should ensure you're going for a great option, you should always look to find a place that is right for your budget. You can get a good loft and end up stretching your pocket beyond your comfort. To avoid this, you need a source you can trust; find an area specialist that suits your needs with FreshRealty.ca